Black Friday is quickly approaching, and as many seasoned entrepreneurs know, this marks the biggest commercial day of the year, as well as the official start of the holiday shopping season. For e-commerce startup companies, this is an invaluable opportunity to achieve major sales goals. But in order to exploit that opportunity, you’ll need to market your online store effectively.

Here are 10 marketing tips that can help your e-commerce brand stand out from the competition in the days leading up to Black Friday and throughout the holiday season.

10 e-commerce holiday marketing tips:

Offer free shipping

What used to be a perk is now all but required for your brand to have an edge over the competition. And it’s not enough just to offer free shipping on your website; make it part of your value proposition, even mentioning it in your PPC ads. 

Offer shipping upgrades

Another way to attract new customers is to offer discounted or even free shipping upgrades, allowing consumers to get their products sooner rather than later. When customers are making a decision between purchasing from your store or another e-commerce retailer, you’ll stand out.

Extend deep discounts to existing customers

Use your email marketing list to reach out to past customers and provide them with exclusive offers or promo codes for holiday shopping. This is a great way to help them feel appreciated, build some brand loyalty and initiate return sales.

Provide and promote electronic gift cards

Holiday shoppers often prefer the ease and flexibility of gift cards, so make sure that’s an option for them. Start offering e-gift cards for your e-commerce brand, if you don’t already. And again, make sure you promote them!

Bundle products together

Make it easy and affordable for your customers to get complementary products. Provide product bundles that offer big value. For example, if your startup sells electronic devices, perhaps throw in a free carrying case or charger with the purchase of a larger item.

Start an Amazon page

 Simply put, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce retail platform in the world, and you can’t afford not to be there. If your e-commerce brand doesn’t already have some sort of Amazon presence, now is the time to get started. By establishing a shop, you can take advantage of all the holiday shoppers looking for products on Amazon.

Optimize for Amazon SEO

Don’t assume that being on Amazon is enough, however. Make sure your products can be easily discovered by shoppers by investing in Amazon SEO. You’ll want to make sure your product listings are aligned with the most relevant keywords for your product, or customers will be unable to find you via search.

Purchase Amazon ads

Along the same lines, you can really optimize your Amazon presence by taking out some paid ads on the Amazon network. This should enhance, not replace, your SEO efforts, as these ads will help your products reach your target audience.

Promote your flexible return policy

Finally, instill some confidence in potential buyers by making it clear to them that you have a generous return policy. Eliminate any doubts they might have about buying from your e-commerce store.

The time to make these preparations is now, so start lining up your offers, developing marketing collateral, and creating the Amazon infrastructure you need to make this holiday shopping season a smash success for your e-commerce brand.


Al Sefati is an ecommerce marketing expert with more than a decade of experience. One of his areas of specialty is Amazon SEO. He is the founder of Sefati & Co., and serves ecommerce brands in Orange County, California, and throughout the country.